LA Mag: THE Food Event.

At first we thought theTHE” in “The Food Event” was pretentious, but they’ve seriously earned it.  Read up now and mark your damn calendar for 2017.  Oh, and you get to hang out with retired Hollywood Star giraffe (YES giraffe), Stanley…

Full dish here:


B Sweet Nitrogen Matcha

Last week we took a trip to Little Tokyo (Sawtelle & Olympic, if ya didn’t know) for one thing, and one thing only, Nitro Matcha Green Tea. And then the amazing people at B Sweet Dessert Bar tempted us with some of their sweet treats… And now we’re hooked on it all.

First, let’s discuss our new obsession: Nitro Matcha Green Tea. By a game of what the owner calls, “guess and check” they magically developed the perfect formula for the first of its kind: Pure matcha green tea + water Not only is it non-dairy & sugar free but it’s only 3 calories per can. It’s so delish and refreshing and gives you that extra jolt when you need it most. As of now, you can buy single cans (approx. $4.95) at Bristol Farms, Erewhon and a couple of other local LA markets OR you can buy a 4-pack or get some on tap at B Sweet. We can’t stop talking about how much were into this right now! So get on it… ASAP.

Now, on to that sweet tooth. B Sweet’s big thing is their bread pudding with rotating flavors that you can refrigerate and reheat over and over again (but you’ll prob just eat it all at once, let’s be real here). Ube is a major trend right now and they are into it… And now so are we. If you think we made a typo, let us clarify: Ube is a Filipino purple yam and their bread pudding with it is served with a buko pandan sauce (a young coconut sauce that looks like green slime; much like the slime from Nickelodeon from back in the day) and it was just the right amount of sweet and savory. We also had to take home an Ube Poptart for breakfast and it brought back all sorts of nostalgia. It’s also necessary to mention their Sluttiest Brownie with 6 layers of perfection: chocolate chip cookie, Oreo cookie, graham cracker, marshmallow, brownie and chocolate ganache. It’s pretty much big enough to feed a family of four, so I was happy to be eating it all week long. Chef Barb knows what’s up.

Between the matcha and deserts you’ve got to get your booty to B Sweet Dessert Bar fast. It’s open later too, so it’s ideal for that after dinner craving. The menu changes weekly, so you should probably just go once a week. Sweater season is supposedly approaching, so now’s the perfect time to hit it up and indulge.

But why is it still 80+ degrees then,


B Sweet  2005 Sawtelle Blvd, LA, CA 90025

LA Mag: Burgers, Bourbon + Beer.

LA Mag’s Burgers, Bourbon + Beer event wasn’t just all-you-can-eat burger bites but a culinary competition to crown the People’s Choice Best Burger 2016. What better reason to eat all the burgers (it wouldn’t be fair to vote without trying them all, right?) Also, we love judging things.  First you need to pencil this “happening” in for 2017, then you need to read on and see who took home the crown…

Full dish here:

Dinner: Paley.

Finally a new Hollywood restaurant with more class and less trash — check the full dish so you can have a tasty spot on deck the next time your night takes you to Hollywood.

Full dish here: