Taco Taco.

because some of the best Mexican food comes from the smallest, most inconspicuous places. and late night mexi places are key. you all know what we’re talking about.


CARNE ASADA FRIES ↔ Cinco De Mayo ↔ Culver City

carne asada fry heaven.

carne asada fry heaven.

Do you ever wake up hungover, get mad at yourself for acting like you’re still in college, then get all nostalgic about college, and then convince yourself the only way to feel better is to grub like you did in college? We’ll we have a place for you (that’s not  Chipotle) and it includes classic post-bars and/or morning after “snacks”, Carne Asada fries and burritos.  Cinco de Mayo is open 24/7 like all your old favorites and boy is it gooood. And then, just like college, you quickly regret it all.



TACOS ↔ Tito’s ↔ Culver City

all this for under 10 bucks.

all this for under 8 bucks.

The only thing better than a Tito’s Taco… is two” #PREACH.  If you know, you know, if you don’t, have you been living under a rock since the beginning of time?  Always a line, always worth it, and always satisfied.  Sure no one knows what the “meat” is, but let’s be real, after one bite no one cares.





BREAKFAST BURRITO ↔ Cofax ↔ West Hollywood

Sometimes the less choices, the better.

Sometimes the less choices, the better.

With pretty much only 3 items on the menu, Coffee, Donuts and Breakfast Burritos, this new hole-in-the-wall joint has mastered simplicity at its finest.  Veggie and Chorizo are your only burrito options – so indecisive people rejoice.  Perfect size, ideally toasted tortilla and bold bold flavors.  FYI the chorizo is smoked, so expect that smoky taste.


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