Skinnie Minnie.

with all the temptation and heavenly tastes in this world, we all need a little detox sometimes. gotta keep it looking good.


ACAI BOWLS ↔ Backyard Bowls ↔ Beverly Dr.

backyard bowl

berry bowls

No, we haven’t been reposting pics on insta, we’ve actually been here 5 weekends in a row.  It’s that good!  Everything you want in a healthy, fresh and filling morning meal and you leave feeling soooo good about yourself (because for once, no bacon was involved).  Now if only we actually worked out beforehand like 90% of the people in there; I mean, we’re already wearing workout clothes—baby steps…



PRESSED FREEZE ↔ Pressed Juicery ↔ various locations

all of the flavor, none of the guilt.

all of the flavor, none of the guilt.

TREAT YO’SELF and head to the nearest Pressed Juicery and try a Freeze. This new first-of-it’s-kind soft-serve frozen treat gives you all the same nutrients as the juices, with flavors like Greens, Roots and Fruits. Don’t forget to add on some healthy toppings too like chocolate covered goji berries and coconut flakes. Vegan, gluten and dairy-free AND satisfying your sweet tooth… Zero guilt here.



ACAI ↔ Kreation ↔ various locations

healthily delicious.

For that perfect combination of healthy yet delicious and filling, hit up Kreation Juicery. Our favorite is their perfectly proportioned acai miracle smoothies. Not too big, not too much granola, just the right amount of everything. After a big dinner, we love to start our day off with one of these bad boys to keep us full and happy until lunch.




JUICE ↔ Farm Fresh Produce Farmer’s Market (The Grove)

Skinniness in a Cup.

Skinniness in a Cup.

Need a no-fuss, as fresh as it gets, healthy fix?  Head to Farm Fresh Produce at The Original Farmer’s Market for delicious made-to-order juices and shots, where you’re not paying for a pretty bottle or having to deal with juice-cleanse snobs.  Want it to be extra spicy or to create you’re own elixir? Simply ask and you shall receive.  Yes parking can be a bitch, but its right out front so the crowds can be easily avoided.


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