About Us.

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When we met in college, it didn’t take us long to realize we shared a passion for eating, drinking, pop culture and being brutally honest. After becoming best friends and then moving to the same city, we constantly found ourselves spending our very little paychecks on going to the newest restaurants and bars because we just “HAD” to. We send each other numerous emails a week about what’s new and then we make a date to go there ASAP.

They say do what you love – so we asked ourselves just that (over a large bottle of wine). We figure that if this is the lifestyle we want to live, someone should benefit from it, because clearly our wallets and waistlines are not. So here is eat.drink.dish.repeat…

We are here to guide you to the best menus and chefs in town and the greatest restaurants for every occasion. Let us be who you come to for advice, confirmation and inspiration when you have to plan that big date or noteworthy birthday. Whether it is your crush, mom or ego you have to impress, let us weed through the bad, so you never have to waste your time and money on a bad culinary experience again. Obviously, more than just the food goes into a good dining experience; there’s the ambiance (love a good terrace), the service (we know half of you waiters are trying to be actors, but learn to act polite), the parking sitch (nothing is worse than 20$ valet, except no valet at all) and so on and so forth. LA is a big city with an even bigger foodie scene that is constantly revolving. Let us work our asses off (while making them bigger) to find the best dishes and drinks this town has to offer. We don’t always agree on everything; for example, one of Alie’s favorite restaurants is one of Alex’s least favorites. To that point, you’ll have an accurate account of two very strong personalities who love to eat…out…a lot. And we promise to be brutally honest – pinky swear. We are here to serve you. You’re welcome.

Always honest,



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