Picnic Spreads.

The sun is out and the crop tops & short-shorts are coming out of the closet (although they never really left but you get what we’re trying to say).  SUMMER in LA is here… and this means your weekends will be filled with days spent at Malibu vineyards and nights spent anywhere you can be outside (Hollywood Bowl, Santa Monica Pier concerts, and/or any outdoor movie screenings — Hollywood Forever Cemetery is our fav).  Gotta love this city.  And because these are all PYOP (pack your own picnic – duh) and/or BYOB (if you don’t know what this means we’re not friends) events, here is our list of the BEST places to get the yummiest goods (and dranks too, of course) for the most perfect spreads…

1.  Joan’s On Third (A2 top pick!)- West Hollywood; a pretty version of anything you could ever want. Salads, sammies, sweets, sides, drinks…they have it all.
bottles @ stir market.

bottles @ stir market.


2.  Stir Market–  West Hollywood; a slightly different version of the above. Their packaged deli salads are to-die.

3.  The Oaks Gourmet–  Hollywood; Whether you want a sandwich or some fresh bread, cheese, and wine, they’ve got it going on.
4.  Olive & Thyme–  Toluca Lake; We wouldn’t go all the way here if you’re not gonna be in the area, but it’s a great option if you’re night takes you over the hill.


Olive & Thyme yumminess

Olive & Thyme yumminess

5.  Food LabWeHo; this place is a one and done. You chose a salad, main course, drink, and sweet and they package it all up for you in a little box. And it’s surprisingly big portions of all.

6. Bay CitiesSM; I mean enough said. If you don’t know Bay Cities you have bigger issues than where to PYOP from.



Almost Famous @ Cinespia

Almost Famous @ Cinespia

7. ClementineCentury City; great deli case salads with such a big variety.

8. Mud Hen TavernHollywood; for $28 you get a 6pack picnic box including ALL of this: Chili & Cornbread, pasta & arugala salad, Watermelon Salad, Cheesepuffs, Banana Bread Twinkie, and a choice of 1 of 5 Main Course Options. It’s pretty much Susan Feniger to go and we’re down with that.


self made TJ's spread @ Cinespia

self made TJ’s spread @ Cinespia

9. Mendocino Farmsvarious locations; sometimes you just want a quick but delicious sandwich with no frills and this place has your back. Check out their monthly specials.


10. TJ’s– YES as in Trader Joe’s (NOT south of the border- ahhhh good times we barely remember). If you want to make it easy breezy, assemble a spread with all of your favorite things but none of the “filler” items, and spend the least amount of $$, there is always good ole’ TJ’s. Not gonna lie, we’re pretty tight these days.



wine @ Rosenthal

wine @ Rosenthal

Now that the most important part (FOOD/BOOZE) is handled above, time to make a plan. Per usual, EDDR is here for you with links to some of our fav events/places to check out this summer…

See you there (and make sure to come say hiiii),



Special thanks to Le Petite Bain for the TJ’s spread photo!


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