About Alie.




With a French grandma who bakes pain au chocolat for breakfast and prepares foie gras on any given weeknight, food has always been a serious and extravagant matter in my family. But, growing up in Los Angeles, I found out pretty young I was allergic to EVERY-THING. And by everything, I mean I was even allergic to rice. Who can’t eat the most basic, plain food ever? Needless to say food was no longer a priority and I was SKIIIIIINNY. Flash forward to many years and acupuncture appointments later, I can now eat everything under the sun. Because of that whole traumatic time, you better believe I’m now eating my way through this one life. I work in entertainment where networking is everything. Networking aka drinks on drinks on drinks…and maybe some appetizers. And people definitely judge you on the places you suggest (ahem Alex). New restaurant, new chef, new food category (hello cronuts), I’m the first one there. I like what I like but am always down to try and discover new things.

summer necessities.

summer necessities.

Top 5 Favorite LA Restaurants (in no particular order):

1) La Poubelle Bistro & Bar
2) Trois Familia
3) Café Stella
4) Venice Beach Wines
5) L&E Oyster Bar


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