Sweet Tooth.

because who doesn’t have one?


FRO-YO ↔ The Bigg Chill ↔ Westwood

big chill


This OG fro-yo joint has been going strong since our high school days — they had dairy free flavors before it was cool. With limitless toppings (how is the vegan cookie dough better than the regular?) and a rotating array of soft serve flavors, this is your date night/girls night/family night spot should you find yourself in Westwood — and dare we say, it might even be worth a trip of its own.




BANANA PUDDING ↔ Magnolia Bakery ↔ Mid-City


When you hear “Magnolia Bakery” you most likely think cupcakes, but we are here to tell you that their BANANA PUDDING is what its allllllll about up in there.  One good thing came out of a horrible date I [Alex] went on years back (so horrible I faked sick in the bathroom)… it was him telling me about the “fluffy, not-too-sweet, like ‘heaven in your mouth’ delight-fullness”.  And then oops-  an entire pint has vanished again.




DONUTS ↔ CA Donuts ↔ Koreatown

i mean, how do you decide?

i mean, how do you decide?

California Donuts serves up the most PICTURE PERFECT baked goods in all of LA LA land.  Maple bacon (yes, bacon), fruity pebble (yes, the cereal), and Snickers (yes, the candy bar) are just a few of the crazy delicious donuts you can get any-time, any-day (yes, they’re open 24/7).  There will likely be a wait — the line is outside and they don’t move fast, so if you’re picking them up for a party make sure to give yourself ample time to get to/from this K-town favorite.  Oh, and they make custom letter donuts (who wouldn’t want their name spelled in donuts?!).  Cakes are so 2014.


PRESSED FREEZE ↔ Pressed Juicery ↔ various locations

all of the flavor, none of the guilt.

all of the flavor, none of the guilt.

TREAT YO’SELF and head to the nearest Pressed Juicery and try a Freeze. This new first-of-it’s-kind soft-serve frozen treat gives you all the same nutrients as the juices, with flavors like Greens, Roots and Fruits. Don’t forget to add on some healthy toppings too like chocolate covered goji berries and coconut flakes. Vegan, gluten and dairy-free AND satisfying your sweet tooth… Zero guilt here.



ICE CREAM ↔ Salt & Straw ↔ Larchmont Boulevard


YES we got 5 scoops AND a cookie. Is there a problem?

With flavors like Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Avocado and Strawberry Sherbet and Black Olive Brittle with Goat Cheese, HOW could you NOT get more than one scoop?  They say go big or go home, and we definitely didn’t go home.   Even in the freezing cold, no line could keep us away from the delectably, surprisingly, life changing bold flavors this new Larchmont ice cream parlor has to offer.




CANDY ↔ Sugarfina ↔ Beverly Hills

haven really is a place on earth.

HEAVEN really is a place on earth.

With flavors from all around the globe, this Beverly Hills candy shop is sophisticated yet fun, still giving you that “kid in a candy store” giddiness.  Choose from one of their themed bento boxes or tasting flights or even curate your own gift set with their “Candy Concierge”. Yes it’s pricey, but with goodies like champagne gummy bears and martini olive almonds, it’s sure to leave an impression


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