Trois Mec.

A2‘s FINAL RATING: after reading below, you be the judge…

WHAT:  Trois Mec  (Not to be mistaken for Raffallo’s pizza from the streets)
WHERE:  Hollywood
WHO:  Ludo Lefebvre (only one of the hottest and most talented chefs and TV personalities out there)
WHY the “happenings” section:  You need to plan ahead and cop a ticket to go (reservation only – duh). And you need to start saving… yesterday.  Tasting menu only that changes regularly (yes you have absolutely no say or clue what you are eating until it is right in front of you).  But, the kitchen is open so you get to see allllll the action and place your bets on what you think you might be indulging in.  This is more of an EVENT than any ol’ dinner.  One that you’ll probably only get to/want to experience once.


HIGHLIGHTS FROM MY MENU (so you have some idea if this is your kinda thing):
Avocado, buckwheat tabbouleh, matcha green tea
Smoked eel, white chocolate mashed potato
Iberico pork, cabbage, horseradish, green garlic gravy
Carolina gold rice pudding, brown butter, egg yolk 
HOW TO SCORE A SEAT:  Tickets go on sale every other Friday morning at 8AM for the following 2 weeks.  Make sure you register ahead of time, log on ASAP and that whoever you’re planning to go with is down for whenever/whatever time (my res was at 6PM on a Monday – you take what you can get); with only 26 seats, 2 seating’s a night and the fact that it’s only open Monday- Friday… it always sells out, and fast.
HOW MUCH $$$:  $75/per person plus gratuity (approx. $97 a pop which you pre-pay by buying your ticket online – just like you’re going to a concert or something).  And since you’re already spending a mini-fortune, why not get the wine pairing ($69) and additional foie gras (duck liver- just eat, don’t think) course ($25/per person & everyone has to be down) which are offered as options once you take your seats.   So ya, the night will be all about the Benjamin’s.
WHERE TO PARK:  Valet ($7) or street parking on Highland.  I could NOT have driven after that wine pairing- play smart team.
1. NO refunds (but you can transfer your tickets to someone else)
2. They accommodate vegetarians
3. NO corkage– you either drink their expensive shit or nothing at all (ie they don’t trust your drink choices with their God-like food).  The drink menu only has wines by the bottle listed, but if you ask, they do have some by the glass available (sneaky, sneaky).
WHAT I’M STILL WONDERING:  Do you have to have a tattoo, facial piercing or a beard to work there?!
WHAT MADE IT BADASS:  The music.  Hip Hop only.  Touché, Chef.
HOW TO IMPRESS YOUR NON-FRENCH COMPANION:  “Trois Mec” means “three homies” in French slang.  And they’re so badass it’s spelled wrong, they know it, and they don’t care. Word.

EDDR LIFE LESSON:  Better late than never.  Even though it’s been open for a couple of years now, this type of restaurant is one that will define our generations’ culinary experience and I’m happy I got to be a part of it.  Also, BONUS LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your parents (my mom will be quoting me on this for months, but it must be said, you’re welcome Mom).  It was a Monday night, I had a long weekend of drinks behind me and I wanted nothing to do with alcohol. But, if I hadn’t been peer pressured by my dad and not got the wine pairing, the meal would have not been as AMAZING and complete.

A2 FINAL THOUGHT:  If you are a SERIOUS foodie who eats anything/everything and appreciates a good all-around dining experience (ambiance, service & food:  ALL on point) OR have a VIF (Very Important Foodie) in your life… DO IT.  You will find it thrilling (what the hell is coming next?!), amusing and fulfilling.  If you’re picky, cheap, or like to make substitutions (ahem all you dressing on the side people)… DO NOT DO IT.  You will be annoyed and possibly grossed out.

Next up: another hottie chef owned, reservation and tasting menu only spot:  MAUDE.  See you soon Curtis Stone…

Still happy from all my life choices that night (and the ramen I ate for dinner the rest of the week),


Trois Mec ↔ 716 N. Highland Ave, LA, CA 90038


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