Food for Thought: The Getty.

Last week EDDR was invited to The Getty Center to attend the opening reception for their spankin’ new food-centic exhibits.  Why were we at a museum’s press tour you may ask?  Well, reason 1: This is the start of the Getty’s many upcoming food-related events (Happenings!) and 2: We’ve got more going on than just eating, drinking and dishing over here; we’re sophisticated and smart too — isn’t it obvious by now?
The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals features prints of elaborate artworks from historic food festivals, royal tablescapes and very early cookbooks and serving manuals.  You get a glimpse into the significant role food-themed festivals and large party events have played in sculpting both societal order and unique cultures around the world.  And Eat, Drink, and Be Merry:  Food in the Middle Ages and Renaissance features rare illuminated manuscripts, dated as far back as the 13th century, which show the importance of food and drink as a part of daily and spiritual life.

Throughout the run of these 2 shows, the Getty will also be having talks/lectures with different food writers/historians/bloggers and cooking courses/demonstrations with local chefs.  For more info and the calendar, visit here .

To sum up what was learned:  Food and drink have always been an important part of everyday life (duh).  It has always been a way of bringing all different types of people together.  And it has always been a reason to celebrate.  People have been getting drunk and stuffing their faces since the beginning of time.  So based on this track record, Eat Drink Dish Repeat has a promising future ahead (phew)…

I know we typically encourage ‘food for the belly’, but right here, right now, we are encouraging some ‘food for the soul’.  Both exhibitions run through January 3rd (Food for Festivals lasting until March 13); so we challenge you to take a date to the Getty and feed the mind.  And to score some extra points, pack your own picnic (PYOP) and fulfill that hunger too (Here’s some help).  You’ll also get to take that picture-perfect, insta-worthy, ocean-view shot that could be, after this AMAZING date, your first (and no doubt frameable) couple pic. #blessed #mcm #wcw #barf

And then we feasted on a charcuterie and cheese set-up that was fit for a royal (it’s like they knew we were coming) and the most unforgettable macaron tree.  It was a night for the mind, body and soul.  Special thanks to PR extraordinaire, our bestie boo, Val Tate.

Eat. Drink. Learn. Repeat. this time around,



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