Best Of: Rooftops.

Rooftopping is one of our most favorite pastimes (along with napping, shopping… and eating, of course).  Now that the temps are rising and the sun is shining long into the night, we see lots and lots of rooftop drinking in our near future.  Here is our BEST OF: ROOFTOPS edition. Serving up beautiful views all while giving you that summer glow (anywhere we can multitask is a good deal to us).


bdays @ Erwin.

1.  High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin [TIED: A2 top pick!]-  Venice Beach; we have spent countless days turned nights and celebrated too many b-days up in here.  It’s never that simple to get in/make a res but with a view like that it’s worth every minute of hassle. Just make sure to call ahead of time. Oh and the fact that you get to be on the Venice Boardwalk but above allllll the crazies is a bonus.



palihouse top

views @ Palihouse.

2.Sunset Cocktail Lounge at Palihouse [TIED: A2 top pick!]-  West Hollywood; this ‘top (yes we just abbreviated rooftop) became a staple in our summer seshes when it opened last year.  Yes the girls in skanky dresses that are guarding the elevator to get up always act like you “have” to be on a list or “need a res” even if it’s empty, but they usually end up letting you in anyway (enter fake smile here). Quaint, cute and with delish bites and drinks, just one request Palihouse:  Bring back the amazing cheese plate?!  Pretty please.



nights @ The Ace.

3.  Upstairs at the Ace Hotel–  Downtown; we just love everything about this place.  The crowd is pretty hipster, so throw on your thrift store swag and have your progressive political banter ready. Sorry we’re not sorry this place is pretty “mainstream” now.





4.  Perch–  Downtown; it’s just pretty.  And we love pretty places. But let’s be real, would people actually even eat here if they weren’t surrounded by the city lights?


palihouse bar

more photo-ops @ Palihouse.

5.  Altitude at the SLS Hotel–  Beverly Hills; this pool deck is open to the public during the week, so it’s the perfect spot to play hookie and catch some weekday rays without having to splurge on a room.  And FYI on the weekends it’s a scene with a DJ and older men trying to bribe younger girls with drugs and a dinner at The Bazaar later that night (may have been guilty of this once, minus the drugs part).  WARNING-  Alex once ordered a Mojito and after the pool-services charges and all the B.S. it was about $25 per drink, so it’s best to work what your mama gave you.

6.  The Private Rooftop at the Petit Ermitage–  West Hollywood; ok so we have never been cool enough to hit this place up. But after stalking the insta and reading alll about it, we just know it would make the list.  I mean their rooftop garden is recognized as a hummingbird and butterfly sanctuary!  Can anyone help some sistas out with a hookup?  Help us we’re poor.


Don’t forget your sunnies and sunscreen (stay safe people) and we’ll see you high up soon.  We’ll be the girls 5 bottles of Rosé deep. Not in the basic way — we only drink the pink shit that comes from the South of France.

Tanned & Tipsy,



Let us know some of your favorite ‘tops here:


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