DineLA Restaurant Week: Top Picks

Restaurant week is upon us now through January 31st! Since the list of participating restaurants is long and looking through them all makes it that much more stressful because there are just not enough meals in a week, we have put together our TOP PICKS.  Once again, just trying to make life a little easier for ya.  We recommend making reservations, as these are the best options and everyone who knows WHAT. IS. UP. (including you now) will want to be there too.

  1.  AOC $25-  cheese & charcuterie under twinkle lights on a fab patio, yes please.
  2.  CONNIE & TED’S $25- 1/2 dozen oysters as the app anddd dessert to-go.
  3.  ESTRELLA $20- because it’s good and pretty and new, so you should try it.
  4.  GRACIAS MADRE $15-  it’s healthy (vegan), cheap and the cocktails are insta-approved.
  5.  MESSHALL $15-  if you’ve been you know, $15 is a steal for this good food.
  1. ALIMENTO $39-  chopped salad included.  done.
  2. PIZZERIA MOZZA $29-  includes a glass of bubbly to start and sorbetti or gelati to end.
  3. BIRCH $39- it was one of the BEST openings last year and either a cocktail or glass of wine is included.
  4. NIGHT + MARKET (WEHO) $39-  spice up your night with this spicy thai deliciousness.
  5. LE PETIT PARIS $49-  have heard some great things about this French mecca DTLA and can’t wait to cross it off our 2016 list (hello foie gras).
For a complete list, head over here.
A2 double doggie dares you to make a reservation at one of the above for next week and ask your crush out right NOW…as in not the day of!  Showing a little extra effort and planning can go a LONG way…
Now set up those lunch and dinner catch-up seshs/gno’s/dates ASAP, 

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