Best Of: Rainy Days.

Because Los Angeles is bi-polar these days and it’s 90 degrees on a Tuesday and rainy and cold (ok, cold for us) on a Wednesday; we put together our top 5 “BEST OF” indoor places to hang in this city.  Here are our FAV rainy-day spots where it’s not about the patio and sun, but about that dark and sexy scene behind closed doors:

  1. Tower Bar at The Sunset Tower Hotel –  Because they have a sundae menu rainywhere you can pick as many flavors, toppings and sauces as your heart desires and they have a damn good dirty martini to go along with it.  And you never know who you’ll see, but you’ll always see SOMEONE — we have drank near Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Seth McFarlane, to name a few.



rainy 22. The Woods –  Happy hour every day until 10PM and it’s cheap AF — need we say more? No, but we will: despite how unappealing it looks from the sketchy Hollywood strip mall outside, it’s actually really cool inside.


3. The Nice Guy –   There are endless reasons that this hotspot is our #1, but mostly because it’s basically Gigi Hadid’s second home and they have the BEST photo booth in town (maybe, even anywhere).  Oh, and pizza.

rainy 34. Soho House (Weho) –  Because you always want to go, you can’t always get in, but when you do you feel like one of the cool kids.  And the 360 degree windows make you feel like you’re outside anyways.

5. The Roosevelt – b/w Spare Room, Library Bar, Teddy’s and the Lobby, there are countless options and location changes without ever having to brave the outdoors. Oh, and the people watching is next level.

You can catch us at any of these spots not just on rainy days.  But if your plan tonight was EP/LP rooftop or Bungalow; you’re welcome for figuring out your plan B.

Always having your back,



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