Best Of: Reverse Happy Hour.

Whether you started drinking early and “forgot” to eat (or you’re just hungry again- no judgement), or you were working late and are getting ready to start the night; sometimes you just need some discounted drinks and food at a time that you can actually make (can anyone actually ever make a 5PM happy hour?).  In these cases the early bird doesn’t get the worm because here is our roundup of the “Best Of:  Reverse Happy Hour” all around town:

  1. PIZZA ROMANA – Nightly from 9PM-close.  A rotating selection of one regional

    Italian red, white and sparkling for $6 as well as a Pizza bianca and Pasta al forno for $6 each.  The scene is laid-back with those no fuss feels.  Just really good food, brought to you really fast when you need it the most.




2. LA POUBELLE – Nightly from 11-12:30PM – This is one of our fave but slightly pricey French restaurants so any time we manage to stay awake until 11 without having already eaten, we’re all up in this Franklin Village spot. Reduced prices on fan faves such as their crispy brussel sprouts, mac & cheese, truffle fries and house wines.


3. LOVE & SALT – Sun-Thurs; 9PM-10PM and Fri-Sat; 10PM-11PM.  It’s $20 for your choice of either a burger or ANY pizza AND a glass of red, white or a brewskie.  The food is delish, the chef is hott and anything to switch up going to The Kettle or MB Pizza for those after the bars drunken eats.  And this “anything” is next-level.  So you win on all accounts.


4. JONES HOLLYWOOD – Sun-Thurs from 10PM-2AM. They have $4 beers, $5 you-call-its and house wines and $6 cocktails. Oh, and $5 salads, $6 pizzas and $8 pastas.  Too many dates have continued to this spot for a round 2 and no one was ever complaining (probably BC of the big pours and dark secluded booths).  Give it a shot and maybe, just maybe, round 3 will be at your place.

5. AESTUS – Fri & Sat from 9PM-11PM.  Offering $4 beers, $6 well-cocktails and wines and $7 specialty cocktails along with $5 snacks; such as, grilled cheese, mini-burgers and fries on fries.  Post Bungalow, classed up a few notches from 800 degrees, may we suggest?  I mean most of us aren’t 21 anymore- it’s time to grow up… a little.

6. PIZZERIA MOZZA – Sun-Thurs from 10PM-12AM. They’re giving a pizza, a dessert and a glass of Bastianich wine all for $20, @ the bar only (but the bar is the most fun anyways).  It’s always pricey here, so this is the way to do it and still get that full-meal experience.



market provisions

7. MARKET PROVISIONS – Sun-Thurs 9PM – close. Grab a seat at the bar for $1 oysters and reduced prices on their hits such as the MP Burger, Boquerones and Chicken Liver Toast. Wine & Beer only but you can’t argue with this location and convenience.



Working on getting Summer ready by only taking advantage of late night drink specials…or trying,



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