Because sometimes you just need a good ol’ “quickie.” Here is a round up of our Top 8 faves over the past few weeks:

  1. Yalla Mediterranean – With its easy 1, 2, 3 step approach, you create a filling and yallahealthy lunch that fits your specific craving.  First you pick the style (wrap, salad or plate), then you pick the protein (falafel, chicken, steak, salmon, etc.) and lastly you pick from the seasonal sides (like potato salad or slaw).  Right in the middle of what’s beginning-to-be the “IT” part of town- Culver City.  Let’s hear a “holla” for Yalla!!


2. Shake Shack – It has finally arrived to the best [West] coast and it’s smack dab in the middle of the city in WEHO—equal playing ground for Angelinos everywhere.  This burger, fry (ummm, cheese fries!) and shake “shack” has got a Cult-like following and we are now new members.  And spoiler alert, there are special LA only menu items: the Shack Attack, LA edition and the Rainbow Connection.  FYI- the lines are long, but coming soon are DTLA, Century City and Glendale locations, so hopefully that will be changing…


3. Backyard Bowls – No, we haven’t been reposting pics on insta, we’ve actually been backyard bowlhere 5 weekends in a row.  It’s that good!  Everything you want in a healthy, fresh and filling morning meal and you leave feeling soooo good about yourself (because for once, no bacon was involved).  Now if only we actually worked out beforehand like 90% of the people in there; I mean, were already wearing workout clothes—baby steps…


4. Maple Block Meat Co. – This local spot smokes their meats almost as good as the mapleSouth, and that’s more than good enough for us in a region of mediocre BBQ.  It’s a little pricey, but the quality and flavor, of the meats specifically, is exactly what you’d expect from a Bazaar and ink. alum.  The portions aren’t as big as you’ll find in Texas, but it had to conform to some Los Angeles standards.



5. The Bigg Chill – This OG fro-yo joint has been going strong since our high school big chilldays — they had dairy free flavors before it was cool. With limitless toppings (how is the vegan cookie dough better than the regular?) and a rotating array of soft serve flavors, this is your date night/girls night/family night spot should you find yourself in Westwood — and dare we say it might even be worth a trip of its own.


6. Samosa House – With locations on the East (Silverlake) and West (2 in Culver City) samosathis quick and DELISH go-to vegan and vegetarian Indian food jaunt is where it’s at.  A family-owned authenticity you can feel and taste.  A seriously cheap-eat (you can get a 3 item plate with pita for under $10) in a city filled of expensive “fast-food” options.  If you’re craving the real deal without all the fanciness, the search ends here.


7. Pizza Romana – No fuss, no frill; just good quality food, fast and cheap.  It’s hard to pizzafind a place that checks all the boxes, but we have managed to find it for you.  And although the pizza and salads are delish, the knockout is the fried chicken (everyone needs this is their life!).  They also have a reverse happy nightly from 9PM-close, because sometimes, late night pizza is the answer.



8. Picnic.LA – With a ‘build your own picnic’ approach you can make the perfect plate picnicfor yourself or get a bunch of sides or salads for a group/party.  Fresh and healthy with items changing as the leaves do.  It’s like a Lemonade or Tender Greens but not as overwhelming.  And perfect for those food commitment-phoebes because you can get a little bit of everything.


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