Eat. Drink. Coachella. Repeat.

backyard bowls

With Weekend 1 upon us and a FOOD lineup that is next level, we’re here to help guide your eating experience since you have enough to navigate with the music and outfit choices (#nomoreflowercrowns). If you follow along on insta, it’s probably clear we’re not going — donuts, fried chicken sandwiches and Shake Shack are NOT on that #coachelladiet. That being said, the food vendors that’ll be there are making us rethink our decision to ditch the desert this year.

blue bottle

First off, they will have 3 FULL-SERVICE (complete with tables, chairs and waitstaff) restaurants: Commissary (check out our dish), Pok Pok and Rosaline.  So if you’re looking to take a minute and pretend to be classy and not so f-ed up, this is your chance.



guerrilla tacos.

But because we know you’ll be on-the-go most of the time, here is the list of our TOP TEN VENDORS (in no particular order- ok, ok except #1):




1. Backyard bowls– the obsession is real and just what you need to bring you back to life and stock up on the nutrients for a long day/night. Plus let’s be real, the likeliness that this is where all the models/celebs will be is high.

2. Blue Bottle- a double espresso mid-day or mid-night will be necessary.

3. Free Range– filling and fried chicken. That’s all.

4. Cassell’s– burgers and beer to hit the spot.

5. Afters Ice Cream- necessary in desert heat – we’ve been dying to try this place BC it looks unreal- make sure to tag #eddr so we can swoon.

6. Sweetfin Poke- refreshing, healthy and light.  The most perfect snack.

7. Guerrilla Tacos- great on the go and will hold you over until the next meal.


8. Hanjip- because good is good.

9. McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream- because you’ll need that triple-scoop cone to take that perfect insta-pic.

10. Superba Food & Bread- it’s kinda healthy and you’ll have another day of crop tops and short shorts.



Also the “Outstanding in the Field” pop-up dinner series returns, both weekends, with 2 dinners each night for $225 per person.  This ‘fine-dining’ experience, with no dress code of course, might be worth the Coachella ticket purchase required on its own.  It runs about 2 hours, so you can get back to the music, and cocktails are meant to be drank (so just think of it as a time to relax and refuel). A handful of chefs are involved for each service, but Weekend 1 will include Chef Antonia Lafoso of Scopa Italian Roots and Kris Morningstar of Terrine and Weekend 2 will include Michael Voltaggio of ink. and Brendan Collins of Birch (link to dish). We have serious FOMO already.

So take some notes on your phone or save this post because realistically, the weekends will be one giant, magical and memorable blur. Can’t wait to see the foodie pics… And I guess the music and outfits too… But mostly the food.

Stay safe out there and happy eating,


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