LA Mag: Best New Restaurants.


A2‘s final rating:   MARK YOUR CALENDAR √

Somehow the end of the year always creeps up and you ask yourself “How is it already [insert year]”?  You start to think about not only new goals #newyearnewyou, but also about the things you said you wanted to do and the places you said you wanted to go.  OK, OK we’re not trying to get that deep here – we’re obviously talking about food.  More specifically, we’re talking about all the restaurants you didn’t get to try.  Well thankfully at the start of every year LA Magazine is there to help you check off those missed food goals.  In December, the magazine publishes its holy list of the very BEST OPENINGS and then in January they have them ALL, in ONE spot, ONE night only.  And we are pleased to report: this event is just as GOOD as it sounds!


If you keep up with our “happenings” section you’ll notice a trend among our dish about food festival-type events; don’t be late as the food runs out, comfy shoes, long lines, bring a bag to carry things, etc., etc.  This time around we are telling you to disregard them ALL.  This event is next level.  We’ll just get right into the dish already…



WHAT TO EAT & DRINK:  Everything, duh.  This is the BEST of the year, so no station shall be missed.  And we, A2, plead guilty to being repeat offenders (we def stopped at Jon & Vinny’s for the infamous meatball more than once).


THE 2015 WINNERS:  Love & Salt, Jon & Vinny’s, Birch, Terrine, Cassia, Redbird, Broken Spanish, Le Comptoir, Faith & Flower, The Bellwether, Union and California Donuts (with the most insta-worthy edible photo wall we have ever seen).  And we have to say, LA Mag is pretty spot on- you’ve seen us insta (a lot), “dish” and name some of these the best of the year too (bolded restaurants have our full dish up)!


WHAT TO WEAR:  This is a celebration so don’t look like a bum.  We came straight from work and weren’t too sure about the code, but next year we’ll definitely fancy it up a bit more.  What’s ideal about this event is that the space isn’t so large and the lines aren’t so long that you’ll be walking miles, so perfect to break in those killer new heels, as you can actually sit down and enjoy your bite and drink here.  We wouldn’t say dressing up is a must because it’s LA after all, but we’re firm believers of the term ‘dress to impress’; whether that’s a vintage maxi or studded leather pants, this year we are alllll about the term “DO YOU” (I mean you’ll never know when you’ll meet your prince charming — maybe one of the hottie chefs will fall in love with you).


WHO YOU’LL SEE:  People like you who enjoy and appreciate good food, good drinks and good times.  AND, drum roll please… the stars of the event, the Chefs who created these beautiful, memorable and most importantly delicious menus that stole the show last year.  They are present, actually making a signature dish and because the vibe is cool, calm and collective they are open to mingle with the crowd (well most of them anyway).


HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NIGHT:  1) Chatting with Chef Kris Morningstar about how Terrine was THE (and our) ultimate date spot of 2015 — he then proceeded to tell us that “the goal is to get everyone laid”.  Touché, Chef, touché.  2) Catching up with one of the most talented, sweet, real and handsome Chefs around: Chef Michael Fiorelli of Love & Salt.  3) Taking over the photo booth (surprise, surprise) and more importantly the photo wall (yes the entire wall) — they didn’t realize when they said take as many pics as you like that we would stick around for a while (true or false: they asked us to take a break and come back later? #sorrywerenotsorry)


EDDR (and DJ KHALED) LIFE LESSON:  Networking is major key  #blessup.  They say “it’s not what you know, but who you know” and although we think both are important (you’ve got to know your shit too), this is especially true in the city of Angels.  No one ever said achieving your goals comes easy; it’s the work you do, the people you meet and effort you put in that makes it that much more special when it actually happens (they don’t want you to make it but you will!).  This is exactly why we are at an event after working a full 12 hour day in the office.  Whatever your goal may be, we challenge you to put in that extra effort – let us help you climb that mountain to success – like now.


A2 FINAL THOUGHT:  LA Mag sure knows how to throw a party!  This is one of the first food events where we didn’t feel rushed and got to unwind after work and truly enjoy the food, drink, company and ambiance..and did we mention food?  And although there were a lot of people there, it felt intimate — like we got invited to this private party thrown by the cool kids. Passed cocktails, a wine cave for tastings, a DJ spinning beats, plenty of photo ops (with airbrushing built in to the printing – yes please), tastings of the finest bites of the year AND meet and greets with the greatest chefs in the city….all for $70/ticket? Not sure what there even is to think about. With so many restaurants and so little time, this is the Golden Ticket – so get yourself one!


Dreaming of donut walls until next year,


LA Mag Best New Restaurants 2015


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