LA Mag: Whiskey Festival.

A2‘s final rating:   MARK YOUR CALENDAR √ 



WHAT: LA Magazine Whiskey Festival

WHERE: LA Tar Pits (you know, among the dinosaur bones)

$$$: $75 – which considering it’s all you can drink/eat, they’re basically giving the tickets away. (+ free parking — not that we encourage driving there).



I have to say, LA Mag is kindof impressing me these days. First their Best New Restaurants Event (see happenings), then last Thursday they hosted their 1st annual Whiskey Festival at the LaBrea Tar Pits which DID.NOT.DISAPPOINT. It was a first for this particular event so I was expecting some trial and error but everything was pretty much on point.

FAVE WHISKIES OF THE NIGHT:  (in no particular order) 1. Whistle Pig 2. Glenfiddich (14 year Barrel Reserve) 3. Bulleit (Bourbon 10 year) 4. The Balvenie (12 year double wood) 5. Four Roses (single barrel bourbon 100 proof — because, well, it’s 100 proof). 6. The Macallan (umm there was moonshine, enough said) — do I sound cool yet?

PASS PLEASE: 1. Kikori (their Umami Old Fashioned was WAY too sweet – keep it straight up people), 2. Reilly’s Whiskey (with a motto like “bad decisions make the best stories” I was all about Reilly until I actually tasted their product. And not to mention Reilly looks a little creepy — strong pass). 3. Slow Hand (despite the interesting name, I was excited to try this “organic” whiskey because that makes it healthy right? yea, it tastes healthy…and not in the good way. Kinda like when you crave bacon and they give you tofu. Just no.)

WHAT TO EAT:  There was a buffet style setup of cheese, charcuterie and crackers as well as a Mashed Potato Bar (nailed it) and small trays of miscellaneous items being passed around. For once, the food was not the center of the event and I wasn’t mad at it. With so much else to focus on (like which whiskey to try next and which fake mammoth bones to stare at), I was happy to drink my calories for the night.

WHAT TO WEAR: This was definitely one of the few events where people were dressed to impress. I think it’s safe to say that most girls attended thinking this would be their perfect opportunity to find a man — so they definitely dressed the part. Heels high, dresses tight, cleavage out. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do — I just hope everyone was still happy with their outfit and shoe choices post all 20 tastings.

WHO YOU’LL SEE: Guys trying to enjoy some fine whiskey, girls trying to enjoy some fine men and lots of wasted people by the end just trying to have a good time.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NIGHT: Aside from feeling super cultured by getting to spend a Night At the Museum (RIP Robin Williams), I also felt pretty bad-ass getting to pick up some cigars and super classy hanging in the Mad Men inspired photo-booth (maybe hanging a little too long — the photographer was giving us strong evil eyes towards the end…I know, I know, very surprising).

EDDR LIFE LESSON: Whiskey. It does a body good.


A2 FINAL THOUGHT: Sipping on some fine bourbon on the rocks while listening to live music and hanging with a cool crowd? Yea, i’ll definitely be back next year.


Now if only I didn’t wear suede boots so I could’ve taken advantage of the free shoe shining too,


PS – Definitely recommend ubering there. Duh. 


LA Magazine First Annual Whiskey Festival


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