La Weekly: Tacolandia.

A2‘s final rating:   MARK YOUR CALENDAR √


This past weekend I spent my Saturday at TacoLAnd(ia). While I was not stoked on spending the hot day outside in a large crowd in DTLA’s “El Pueblo,” I was SO excited for unlimited amounts of two of my favorite things:  tacos and margaritas. Curated by Bill Esparza and put on by LA Weekly, Tacolandia encompassed over 80 vendors from LA, SD, OC, and Mexico. It’s pretty much like Disneyland…but with Tacos…both considered among the happiest places on earth.

After our less than noteworthy experience at LA Weekly’s The Essentials, I was skeptical when I saw their name attached to the event. But, that couldn’t keep me away from my favorite food group — I mean a land dedicated to Tacos, what’s not to love?. I’m not sure if it was an overall better event or I’ve just learned the food festival ropes, but TacoLAndia was a complete SUCCESS.

Things To Know/Lessons Learned:
1. Leave your purse at home and rather bring a shoulder bag that you can throw everything in — hoard extra napkins in there (hi, tacos are messy), water (duh – palette cleanser), and whatever free gift they’re giving out (free anything — yes please)
2. Get there early — the event started at 3PM and we got there at 2:30PM; I learned this from The Essentials. Yes, we had to wait the 30 minutes until the doors opened but we were one of the first 100 people in (the event was sold out), didn’t get confronted with any vendors running out of food, and were in and out by 5PM (it went until 8PM). I’d much rather wait 30 minutes at the beginning than have to wait in line for over an hour only to find they have run out.
3. Bite Wisely — with over 80 vendors, there’s no way any human can eat a full taco at each stand. I recommend taking 1 bite (maybe more for the out of this world tacos), and spitting out the ones you don’t like. Why waste the calories or tummy space?
4. If you’re with another person, divide and conquer. Often times the best stands have lines. Have your friend/partner/bf/gf/grandma/mom/random homeless person you picked up get in another line and grab you a plate so you can kill two birds with one stone (sometimes you just have to crush the system and be THAT person).
5. Bring some cash – alcohol was NOT included in the GA ticket ($35 — a steal if you ask me) and there were some dessert food trucks that were also excluded (you know you’re gonna want that something sweet).


Petty Cash – (a given)
La Calaca Fish Tacos – This is purely a catering company but their fish tacos were SO delicious you need to book them at your next event. Not to mention their logo is sick
Bar Ama – I mean they puffed and fried their tortilla – what’s not to love?
Puesto – Light and fresh. And the guys working there were just the cutest (they even posed for a pic above)
HomeState – I was apprehensive when their presentation include a bag of frito’s but these decomposed walking tacos were super light and yummy! also, hi, ORIGINAL much.
Coni’SeaFood – Mini shrimp quesadilla topped with avocado. So. good.
Guerrilla Tacos – Scallops with microgreens on a tortilla chip. HEA-VEN.
Trejo’s Tacos. – Their fried jidori chicken tacos was just perfection. can’t wait for the restaurant to open here soon!
I’ll definitely be back and imagine they will only be expanding for their 4th year. Hope to see you there!


Not eating Mexican for a while (let’s be real– by a while I mean about a week),



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