Stir Market.

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we'll take one of everything please.

we’ll take one of everything please.

STIR MARKET is that ideal, no fuss, perfect for any time of the day spot.  The food is good, the ambiance is cute and quaint, and best of all, you don’t have to make a reservation and get all done up to go.  It’s one of those order at the counter and then go find a seat where you please places.  Whether you want a quick bite, long sit down, or just to pick up a few items on-the-go, STIR MARKET is where. it’s. at.

We popped in the Sunday after our launch party in complete recovery mode; we had friends in town so despite how we were feeling, the party had to go on.  After a long weekend of nights out/money being spent, we were really digging everyone being able to order and spend as much or as little as they wanted without dealing with splitting a bill.
There are a few tables outside surrounded by a canopy of vines and the inside is set up as part market, part deli, part sit-downYou can pretty much find whatever you’re looking for be it wine, deli salads, cheeses, chocolate, pastries, coffee, or a more substantial sit down meal. It’s reminiscent of a Joan’s On Third mixed with The Oaks Gourmet — both of which you should check out if you haven’t already (those are posts for another time though).
We obviously couldn’t leave without taking some items to-go.  Alex got the kale salad and tuna salad which made for a flawless work lunch (for under $6).  And Alie got a goat cheese and salami. All of which we plan to purchase again, and probably again.
We struggled to get out that morning but are oh so glad we made it.

Here’s what we ordered to ease the pain:


Cappucino ($3.95) [Alie] – This was JUST what I needed on this particular Sunday. You know I love a good capp and this one had that extra strong coffee taste to ease me back into a functioning human.
Stir Brunch Mimosa ($8) – Two of our friends ordered these (more power to them). There’s something to be said about a mimosa with Fresh squeezed OJ.
Stir Classic Breakfast ($11.95) – [Alie] eggs, bacon or sausage, and rosemary potatoes or arugala salad. You starting to see a brunch trend with me? Everything here was ON.POINT. Eggs were perfectly runny. Bacon was was thick and crispy…and there were more than 2 slices. And I might even venture to say that these were the best breakfast potatoes I’ve ever eaten; crispy, flaky, ideally sized, and perfectly seasoned. I know, that’s a bold statement. But even Alex was grabbing them off my plate (as I was swatting her hands away), and she’s a hash-brown gal. Some subbed the arugula salad (clearly some of our friends were trying to have a more health conscious morning) and they had nothing to complain about there either.
Farm Egg Sandwich BLT ($9.95) – With over-easy eggs, heirloom tomato, gruyere and aioli, this sammie was a mess and a half but well worth it. The thing that stuck out to us was that the bread was soft… in an amazing kind-of-way.
Moroccan Baked Eggs ($11.95) – [Alex] merger sausage, cage-free farm eggs, tomatoes, chickpeas, peppers with grilled bread.  This is a signature item (Do you see a trend with me?) and it was in fact good, but a little heavy for early AM (especially when you’re… not feeling your finest). PS:  this is served all day.
California Avocado Toast ($5.95) – pepperoncino, citrus and sea salt on a toasted baguette.  While it was tricky to share with 5 (an order per pair would be just right), we were very happy to each get a bite or two.  Avocado toast may be a trend right now, but we sure hope that it’s one that lasts.
Seasonal Fruit & Ricotta Toast ($5.95) – we didn’t originally order this, but we saw it delivered to practically every table and immediately ran and added it to our tab. And we’re glad we did. The fruit of the day was pomegranate and figs and everything went together flawlessly. The tart flavors with the grainy toast and the sweet honey and crunchy textures to top it off — mmm mmm good.  And bonus, it was easier to cut and share.

Chocolate Chip Cookie ($3.25) –  told you we couldn’t walk by one and not order it. This one was fine but not the best ever. Although it didn’t prevent us from finishing it.

Let us know some of your favorite items as we will be returning for breakfast and trying dinner very soon.
Still recovering (yes we know it’s been a week),
Stir Market ↔ Menu ↔ 7475 Beverly Blvd. LA, CA 90036 ↔ 323-879-8283

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