Tasting Table: Lobster Rumble.

A2‘s final rating:   MARK YOUR CALENDAR √

“LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE”!!!  No, we are not talking about that Jock Jam song you played on repeat in the 90’s.  And no, we’re not talking boxing.  We’re talking LOBSTER.  YES, lobster.  There is a day that happens but once a year where some of the best seafood jaunts compete for the title of the very BEST lobster roll.  You go, you eat, you drink, you vote and then you leave… a much happier, satisfied, and maybe slightly heavier person than you came.  We dish now, but just save-the-date for next year already, will ya…


Tasting Table’s 2015 Lobster Rumble LA took place last week in DTLA.  16 contenders competed for the top spot.  The wine, beer and cocktails (full bar, may we add) were flowing.  The night was warm and the crowd was lively.  Can you think of a better way to spend a Thursday?  #TBT for weeks to come.


$$$:  The ticket was $125 for unlimited (slider size) rolls and booze AND 10% of each sale benefited Share Our Strength (NoKidHungry.org).   You feel a little bit better about stuffing your face with one of the most expensive ingredients when you know a chunk of the proceeds is helping end childhood hunger.  See we are good people…


TIMING:  The event is from 7PM-10PM, but you must cast your vote by 9PM so the winner can be announced and celebrated.  That means you have only 2 hours to try every single roll… and of course add some many drinks in that mix.  Maybe this is an issue for some, maybe it is not (if not; are you single and will you marry me?) – So plan accordingly, you know your limits.  You can’t give a fair vote without trying all the contenders… right?  We’ll use any excuse to eat more, but this one is totally valid.


WHAT TO WEAR:  Summer cocktail attire.  My only pointer is to wear your comfy heels/shoes; like any other food festival you will be on your feet the whole time (waiting in lines, mingling, dancing, etc.).


As someone who gives their opinion even unprompted; this event is unique because your opinion matters.  So take notes, on your “Tasting Notes” sheet they provided, wisely.  No doubt this was a close match…



Catch & Release– The most traditional of my top picks with mayo and old bay seasoning.  This is the poster child for lobster rolls.  Perfectly toasted bread and chilled meat.  I want to say “feels like home”, but I am from Arizona so NM; hopefully you catch my drift though.  They took home my vote!

Knuckle & Claw– Longest line, but worth the wait.  There is a reason this Silverlake spot is the talk of the town.  Flawlessly proportioned lobster-to-bun ratio and they had a baster squirting boiling hot lemon butter all over the top.  Wishing they could have squirted it in my mouth (EDDR XXX edition).

The Anchor. – Some say truffle makes everything better, but I think it’s either a maker or a breaker and in this case it was a total MAKER.  With truffle salt and a huge piece of shaved black truffle on top; this roll stood out from the crowd in best possible way.

The Venice Whaler –   BLT Lobster Roll… do you need any more explanation?  Bacon and lobster; two of the most important food groups together at last.

Cousins Maine Lobster (2015 WINNER!) – The most simple of the rolls featured; it was served warm with only butter and lemon.  Although drenched in that B word, it felt the most light, healthy and fresh.  You can taste the reason why they are the reigning champs.  And the owners are pretty hott too.  We will see you in your Weho spot soon, Cuz.


The Hungry Cat– The “la luchadora” made with fresno infused arette silver tequila, watermelon and lime.  Tasting like a spicy watermelon margarita it was refreshing and full of flavor.  I plan to make a date to meet this drink again.

To take care of that sweet tooth, they had a handful of dessert vendors as well, like Sprinkles and Peddlers Creamery (that salted caramel was bomb.com).  So you leave even more complete and ready to sleep sound that night.


EDDR LIFE LESSON:  Don’t be tardy for the party (not the Real Housewives spinoff; any party, or as A2 sees it anything in life).  Sure we know fashionably late is a thing and of course we are all about making that entrance, but make sure to analyze the sitch and be late with a purpose.  And there is no reason to be late to this lobster party.


And when we said “once a year”, we meant once in LA… NYC has an annual rumble too! So our East Coast lovers better save-the-date too.   


Happily ever after in Lobsterland till next year,



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