The Cannibal.

A2 Rating Scale (out of 5):

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WHAT:  A meat & beer haven — The Cannibal.

WHO:  The same peeps from The Cannibal NYC and Hell’s Kitchen.

WHERE:  The Platform LA complex in Culver City.

WHEN:  Closed Monday.  Dinner starting at 5:30PM the rest of the week.



WHAT’S THIS “PLATFORM LA” I KEEP HEARING ABOUT:  The new complex under the improved Metro station stop in Culver City on Washington Blvd.   It’s not full yet, but the other food vendors include:  Blue Bottle Coffee, Juice Served Here, Loqui (FYI add this to your list ASAP), Sao Acai, Sweetgreen and Van Leeuwen ice cream.  There is also a Soulcycle and other cute boutiques/shops to browse around and waste your money on.  You know, because people who ride the Metro are gonna get off just to get an $8 cup of coffee, $7 ice cream and $450 sunglasses… right?  Regardless of the irony (this is not NYC people- give it up) I’m A-OK with a new amazing plaza that I will be driving to.  Check it out at #HelloPlatform.

THE 411:  This meat-centric joint focuses on using every conceivable animal part for their menu. By now you all know our passion for charcuterie and cheese boards is REAL, so because we just know it’s divine, I decided to test out the rest of the menu for ya and switch it up.

WHAT TO DRINK: With 400 different bottles of beer from around the world offered- I recommend beering it.  We sampled some of their draught lines (“beers on draft” so you don’t have to google it like me) and the Almanac Barrel Noir Cold Brew, CA ($12) tasted like a coffee chocolate ice cream and the Brouwerij West Dog Ate My Homework, CA ($7) tasted like a jolly rancher; so if you don’t normally like beer but are trying to be “chill” and/or that “guy’s girl,” then you can safely order those and pound it down (and don’t lie to yourself, we’ve all been there).  They also have a pretty legit cocktail program if that’s your route for the night.  If you like grapefruit, The London Bird ($12) is what you’ve got to do.

WHAT TO EAT:  First off, you MUST start with the Everything Pretzel ($5) with scallion cream cheese.  It’s just as good as it looks and how could you not after looking at that beaut?  The Lamb Tartar ($14) with green apple, aged goat cheese and charred leek was soft, yet crunchy and packed with flavor.  The Cochinita Pibil Head ($12) tostada with pineapple was a surprising hit considering we were eating a pig’s head.  And the Beef Bulgulgi Sausage ($14) was our favorite from the “Sausage” category (big surprise, we like sausage).  Then they brought us out, not one, but two desserts because we clearly look like we can eat like 500 pound men – both the chocolate cake and meringue mystery dish were alright, alright, alright.

WHAT TO SKIP:  The Beef Tartar ($12) on a crumpet with béarnaise and fines herbes would have been cute for a tea party, but the beef got lost in it all.  And the Chicken Parm ($12) with burrata was the front runner when the menu arrived, but came in last place after the race.  Both veggies we tried had WAY too much going on to enjoy that main element:  Charred Carrots ($8) and Grilled Eggplant ($11).

GRAB & GO SAY WHAT:  The Cannibal Butcher Shop, located right next door, is open 8AM-6PM Monday-Sunday.  Sammies, salads, snacks, sweets and the daily Butcher’s Roast is always available when you got to get in & out in a jiff.  Also a full-service butchery if you’re looking to take some meats to-go and pretend like you’re Bobby Flay for a day.

WHERE TO PARK:  They have a parking structure where the first 2 hours are free. Giving you more time to feast instead of circling around and around for a meter- praise the parking gods.

WHO TO BRING:  I am loving this spot for after work snacks/drinks if you work or live in the area.  Outdoor seating for those nice days, crafty cocktails and an extensive beer and wine list and not much is better than a meat and cheese plate for the table… especially if you have actual dinner plans later in the night (quick and easy-  just like my senior prom date).  And because of the name and concept, I like this location if you’re picking the spot for you and your man – something about it all feels masculine and should score you some serious brownie points (I can see the convo now:  “I know I don’t like beer babe, but I wanted to pick a place that I know you would love because I love you” blah, blah, blah…. ).

SHOUTOUT:  A big THANKS to the staff for bringing out way more dishes than we needed and explaining every single detail of every single thing on the menu.  Because we’re us, we sincerely appreciate it (just please let us enjoy our pretzel while it’s still hot next time).

EDDR LIFE LESSON:  Balance is essential.  We get meats are their thing, but everyone needs some veggies in their life too.

A2 FINAL THOUGHT:  Won’t be back for a tour of the menu again, but will def be back to check out that butcher shop for lunch and later on for a bottle of wine and some meat and cheese after work.  I like the spot.  I like the concept. I’ll be back.


Apparently I’m into beer now,



The Cannibal ↔ 8850 Washington Blvd, LA, CA 90232 ↔ 310-838-2783


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