Best Of: BRUNCH.

So here we give you the start of our A2 “BEST” series…and we’ll start with the meal we look forward to allllll damn week: BRUNCH.


resting brunch face @ Stirmarket

resting brunch face @ Stirmarket

1. BestI’m hungover with my friends and want to dish on the night before but not talk to anyone else brunch:

[Alie & Alex]: Stir Market. No lines, no fanciness, just order at the counter, find a seat, and eat.  And if you decide you want to get food for the rest of the day because you are not leaving your couch, that’s an option too.  No need to hide your resting ‘brunch‘ face here.



2. BestI’m meeting my friends for a casual but cute brunchbrunch:

[Alex]: Tart.  It’s the perfect place to get full and ready for either a movie or day of shopping at The Grove.  Share a punch bowl and get a little buzzed beforehand- it makes both the latter actives more fun (and maybe a little dangerous).

[Alie]: The Hudson. Good food and bottomless mimosas/bloody’s. Done and done.


thirsty much?

drinking off the night before at République

3. Bestmorning after brunch with the person you just woke up next to after a night outbrunch:

[Alie & Alex]: République. You get the added benefit of getting to cozy up while waiting in line (see if those sparks are still flying or if it was just the alcohol talking) but a little less formality by ordering at the bar and then finding a seat.  If you’re feeling it, it’s a place you can stay a while;  if you’re not, it could be quick and semi-painless (at least you know the food will be good).


bottomless mimosas @ Brick & Mortar.

4. Bestlet’s ragebrunch:

[Alie]: Public Kitchen & Bar @ The Roosevelt. Not only do you get bottomless whatever and the option of a brunch buffet, you can also stumble over to party at the pool after. (Although maybe the buffet table and laying poolside don’t necessarily mix too well?)

[Alex]: Brick & Mortar.  It may be older news, but between the food, music, crowd AND bottomless bubbly/build your own bloody bar, who the F cares.


father-daughter date

father-daughter date

5. Bestfamily timebrunch:

[Alex]: Bottega Louie.  Fun for all ages.

[Alie]: Café Midi. With a menu that extensive, there will be something for everyone.



6. BestWestside all aroundbrunch:

[Alex]: Malibu Café.  you never regret the long commute and you never want to leave.

[Alie]: Venice Ale House. It’s on the boardwalk and they serve coconuts. What more could you want?


7. BestEastside all aroundbrunch:

[Alie]: Café Stella.. Hands Down. The patio, the scene, the food. It’s perfect. (post to come shortly because I go too many times not to have one yet)

[Alex]: Alcove. Big portions and the right price tag for absolute deliciousness.


Let us know your favorites for these scenarios that we all know way too much about!

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