Cocktail Upgrades: Now Boarding

upgraded menu to the left

upgraded menu to the left

When the mid-century, airport lounge inspired cocktail bar NOW BOARDING asked us to come test out their new cocktail program last week we had to seriously think about it… NOT.  Like true jetsetters we packed our bags (ok our purses), got our passports ready (ok our ID’s) and embarked on the adventure.  I mean, being asked to taste test cocktails on cocktails on a school work night is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it — and the boozy broads of EDDR know just how to be there for you when you need them the most (I mean, no one’s trying to waste empty calories on less than worthy cocktails) #yourewelcome.

the 8 new beauties.

There isn’t a place on the Santa Monica Blvd Weho strip serving up as serious of cocktails as this spot.  They have their versions of all your favorites (Martinis, Moscow Mules, Manhattans, etc.) but taken up several necessary notches – like they make their own seasonal green apple ginger beer in-house for the mules and use things like white chocolate and fresh banana. Not gonna lie, Nate, our captain for the evening (aka our bartender and mixologist) got offended when we implied that drinks had added sugar — clearly he knows that everyone in Weho is trying

Nate, our captain.

Nate, our captain.

to watch their waste lines without compromising flavors. The unique ingredients and flavor profiles, even just from reading the menu, speak for themselves.  But do they actually taste good you wonder?  Our FINAL DISH: A2 APPROVED and ready for take-off.


From the 8 new upgrades, these are our favs:

Mexican Dove.

MEXICAN DOVE $13 (Tied for Alex’s fav) – Partida Blanco Tequila, lime, grapefruit juice, squirt soda, served over crushed ice in a can.  Besides this being refreshing and absolutely delicious, the ice cold soda can will cool your whole body down.  Because at this place, with this crowd, and this music… you dance.  And you dance hard.


Al and her faves

Al and her faves

FLY BY $14 (Alex’s other fav) – Botanist Gin, Maurin Quina, Remi VSOP, Carpano Antica, cherry, served up.  Don’t know what half those things are, but apparently I (Alex) like gin now.  Smooth, rich and goes down all too easy.




From Russia, With Love.

From Russia, With Love.

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE $14 (Tied for Alie’s fav) – Beluga Noble Vodka, Dolin Blanc, stirred and served up. Aside from loving the word play from my most fav Bond movie, I (Alie) was totally obsessed with this fresh take on the Martini. Can other places start including this into the rotation please?



Al and her faves.

Al and her faves.

MILE HIGH MULE (Alie’s other fav) – This fresh take on the Moscow Mule, with house made beer and all, tastes as exclusive as being a member of the mile high club (scandalous!)


**Honorable mention:  For all the Champagne Campaign hoes in the house they have added a “Sparkling Cocktails” section.  We typically reserve the bubbly for celebrations or before 2PM; but if this is your 24/7 jam the Destination Unknown ($13) with Effen vodka, vanilla, jasmine, lemon, strawberry, prosecco, served long would be our #1 pick.

Catch up on the OG dish here for all the deets — which means it’s only THAT much better with all these new upgrades of course.

A2 drowning in cocktails.

A2 drowning in cocktails.

View the new menu here and set your next work drinks, bumble meetup, hot date or night out with the boys/girls at NOW BOARDING.  They’re also serving some artisinal food from 6pm-9pm from the nearby Croft Alley to soak it all up.

Oh…and two of the BEST first-class perks: 1) HAPPY HOUR (all night Monday and 6PM-8PM Tues-Fri) and 2) LIVE MUSIC on Thursdays starting at 10PM.

From Gold status to Executive Platinum, Baby,



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