with love, A squared.

with love, A squared.

2015 was a CRAZY year.  We started a blog.  Had a BOMB-ass release party.  Ate a zillion calories worth of AMAZING (and unfortunately, not so-amazing) food.  Drank just as much.  And we were sometimes a little too honest — but we hope you love us for it.

As the year ends we wanted to share our TOP 5 FAV, A2  approved, 2015 RESTAURANT OPENINGS (in no particular order):
partners.1.  Trois Familia  
2.  Birch
3.  Cassia 
4.  Terrine 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of the adventure!
And if you haven’t been everywhere on our list, GET ON IT!!  What are you waiting for…
Happy Holidays from your favorite bitches! As for us, we’ll be parting ways for the holidays and heading to France (Alie) and Arizona (Alex) so get excited for some Get Out Of Towns and many more dining and dishing in the New Year.
XO and the last #yourewelcome of 2015,

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