A2‘s final rating:   MARK YOUR CALENDAR √

A con revolving around our favorite meal of the week? We were sold at first sight (and bite)!

To be honest, BrunchCon is like all other foodie festivals (Tacolandia, Burgers & Beer, BaconFest…) but BETTER because all of the food & drinks are brunch-spired (that’s a new word I just made up combining brunch & inspired – duh). Unless you’re supes hungover from your Saturday night (in which case driving downtown and waiting in lines sounds miserable), what better way to Sunday Funday?  You don’t have to pick just one restaurant, you get them all at an arm’s reach — or at the very least whatever you can carry.


Where: The Reef in DTLA

When: There are 2 sessions: 9AM-12PM and 12PM-3PM (and they clear the floor in between sessions)

Price Point: That’s up to you. $29 gets you 10 tickets for food and/or non-alcoholic drinks, $45 gets you 15 tickets for food and/or alcoholic and/or non alcoholic drinks, $69 gets you 15 tickets for food and/or non alcoholic drinks and UNlimited alcoholic drinks, 99$ gets you 20 tickets for food and/or non alcoholic drinks, unlimited alcoholic drinks and 30 min VIP early access and access to the VIP lounge.

Let’s Break It Down: Each food item or beverage can range from 1-3 tickets pending it’s popularity. The VIP “lounge” is really just a roped off section with inflatable lounge chairs (not kidding, there was a bouncer at the entrance — like are we gonna sneak in to the floatie section?) Unnecessary.

Photo Booth: Rather than a standard photo booth sitch, there was a communal bed where you could go with your friends and pose for your pic. While this sounds cute in theory, and maybe it’s just my germophobia speaking, not trying to lounge on a bed that who knows how many (boozy and sweaty) people have been on before me?

Speed Dating: There was a speed dating booth set up which in theory is a good idea but to be honest, I didn’t see many solo groups of guys which makes it hard to counterbalance the solo groups of girls. Not sure how this panned out. Let us know if you met your “Mr. Right” at brunchcon because that’s a story we NEED to hear.

Shopping: It looked like there were cute shirts and jewelry you could browse but to be honest, we didn’t scope this section out as we were too focused on the mimosas and bloody’s. #sorrynotsorry

Who To Bring: Your girls or your guys or realistically, anyone you don’t mind looking like a fattie in front of.
Faves (in no particular order):
1. Waffling Around – this station by far had the longest line at the joint (a casual 45 min wait) but we totes get it with these made to order waffles on a stick with pick-your-own toppings.
2. Contra Coffee – With 3 kinds of nitrogen coffee on tap, we made several “walk by’s” as a palette cleanser between booths.
3. The Wood – Your choice of raisin bread with fresh made ricotta and peach or mini bagels with cream cheese, tomato, avocado and smoked salmon — we’ll be hitting this restaurant to get normal sized versions of both these dishes stat.
4. Richeeze – A bacon mac n’ cheese slider? Enough said.

5. MiddleBar – After 3 trips to this booth to get the best Bloody Mary’s there, we finally left with 2 bottles of their mix to take home.

All Around Fave: The Rooster – one of the best bfast burritos (The Rico Suave) with eggs, bacon, TATER TOTS, avocado & cheese topped with a delish hot sauce – we’ll be following this foodtruck truck all around town.

A2 Final Thought: While this wasn’t the most fun of all the foodie events we’ve been to — the DJ and MC was better suited for a bar/t mitzvah, the food/booze/coffee was on point and we discovered some new faves, so we’ll def be back next year — I mean afterall, that’s what foodie festivals are all about, right?

Breafkast Burritos & Bloody’s 4 Life,

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