Paramount Coffee Project.

A2 Rating Scale (out of 5):

Ambiance: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Food & Drink: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Service: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Likeliness to Return: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white



WHAT:  Paramount Coffee Project

WHERE:  On Fairfax – you know that strip with the most exclusive bar/restaurant (No Name), sneaker stores that people line up in front of for days for some new kicks, and some old school Jewish delis and bakeries. A little bit of everything.

WHEN:  7AM-7PM — although I def wouldn’t recommend going for dinner.



WHAT TO ORDER: They pride themself on their coffee and their iced latte ($4.50) is no letdown. Simple, yes. But it’s always nice to enjoy some good coffee in a mellow environment. The salted burrata ($10) either with bacon ($4 – if you like that thick cut slab shit – i don’t) or crispy potatoes ($4 – duh this is what I went with and they were pretty good) is a good option. Still not sure what the “house dukkah” is though. The bubble and squeak hash ($14) is also a good option. Definitely a good looker.

WHAT TO SKIP:  The cashew nut yogurt ($12) with berries, fruit and violas (what??) looked pretty but tasted healthy if you catch my drift. Also, I’m not trying to eat flowers.

WHAT TO KNOW:  Brought to you by a bunch of Aussies, the space is cute and they make good use of the rear alley parking spaces by turning it into a cute patio with lots of hanging pots and greenery. But why do the Aussies looooove their vegemite? Newsflash PCP, stop trying to make vegemite happen. It’s not going to happen.

WHO TO BRING:  Perfect for that morning after (it’s quick and casual so you don’t have to hang around all day making awkward conversation and figuring out what to do with your greasy hair). Also good when you’re meeting someone for coffee (bumble date, work coffee/bfast or quick friend catch up sesh) or if you need somewhere to go setup shop with your computer or ipad and get some work done.

WHAT TO WEAR:  You can decide pending your situation — hopefully you’re not in your night before dress and heels or in his obviously too big boyfriend tee paired with runny makeup. My ideal scenario would be lulus and nikes.

WHO YOU’LL SEE: Doubtful that people are traveling far and wide to come here but it’s def a cute neighborhood spot so you’ll likely see the locals who are a few steps away.

EDDR LIFE LESSON: Anything Aussie-related is always a good idea.

A2 FINAL THOUGHT:  I’m still trying to decide. While the kitchen prepped food is just decent – not mind blowing but definitely doable, the farmshop baked goods paired with the wide coffee (and shake) options+ the cute space is definitely enough to bring me back.


Is it weird to plan your morning after?


Paramount Coffee Project ↔ 456 N. Fairfax, LA, CA 90036 ↔ 323-746-5480


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