The Garden.

A2 Rating Scale (out of 5):

Ambiance: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Food & Drink: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Service: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Likeliness to Return: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white



WHAT:  The Garden— coined “The Bungalow of the East” by the most honest, reliable and lovable bloggers in town… us, obviously.

WHERE:  Tucked aside the Tropicana Pool in one of our FAV places in the City of Angels; The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

WHEN:   Sunday- Thursday 6PM- Midnight & Friday- Saturday 6PM-2AM.



WHAT TO KNOW:  Beer.  Wine.  Tequila. Tacos.  That’s it.  And Drink Tickets?  Yaaaa, so not quite sure what they’re trying to pull off here, but we’re NOT fans.  It’s a known fact that they’re cocky here (and accepted- the exclusivity is just part of the drill), as noted with the other Roosevelt establishments; Spare Room, Beachers Madhouse, Teddy’s; but this ticket thing is annoying AF.  1 ticket = 1 drink so you can pre-pay for either one ticket ($9) or a bundle of five ($40).  This completely ruins modern ‘bar protocol’; unless a guy is stacked with tickets (which we recommend BTW), there is no way to nonchalantly get a girl a drink, ease into the convo and well, see where the night takes you… (OK OK were jumping too far ahead here- don’t worry boys, there will still be plenty of drunk, slutty girls by the end of the night; it’s Hwood afterall).

INSIDER’S TIP: While you may not be down for beer, tequila or shitty wine (can’t a girl get a vodka soda 3 limes?), we discovered that you can head over to the neighboring Tropicana bar (where they have pretty much any drink your heart desires) and then bring your drink back to The Garden.

WHAT IT FEELS LIKE:  Twinkle lights, neon signs, casual seating, and ping pong tables, all with that bohemian, yet 70’s Californian, décor…  It’s the perfect combination of the Bungalow and LP Rooftop. And there’s a reason this city is called the “city of lights.”

WHY WE LOVE IT HERE:  Because the night’s possibilities are endless!  The Roosevelt is a FAV because you can stay all night without ever getting bored.  There are places to drink, eat, dance, bowl, play board games, swim, sleep and just chill AND all places have the ambiance factor DOWN.  The Garden adds yet another element, vibe and place to continue that epic Hollywood night.

WHO TO BRING:  Birthday parties, first dates, last dates, girls nights… we have had them ALL here.  For those Westsiders who are intimidated by the long drive over, after a full night of partying, look like a baller and splurge on a hotel room. You’re guaranteed to find some chick to come back with you.

WHO YOU’LL SEE:  It’s always been a celeb hotspot, so you never know who you’ll see roaming the halls.  A week earlier and we would have had a run in with Joe Mangeniello’s bachelor party (Channing, Matt Bomer; UGH sooo close) and we once bowled aside Adam Levine (it’s a fav destination of his too- can we be friends?).  But you’ll mostly see a ton of beautiful people, who most likely work in entertainment, wearing little to nothing, black and/or leather.  Or foreigners.

WHAT TO WEAR: Look hot. But don’t bust out your slutty dress and stripper heels because you’re guaranteed to look like a tourist and NOBODY wants that.

EDDR LIFE LESSON:  Go with the flow.  Hollywood is bizarre in the best of ways; you could end up at an after-hours hotel party with your favorite chef OR at Bruno Mars’ house after 5 tequila shots (it’s happened).  Those nights with no expectations end up being the most fun.  LA LA LAND is the definition of “anything can happen”, so just go with it… and maybe it will.

A2 FINAL THOUGHT:  Is The Garden now our top choice of all the Roosevelt’s spots?  If we HAD to rank them; probably not #1, but it’s always nice to have that extra option, especially one that’s not a huge commitment and isn’t surrounded but a long line to get in.  And depending on who you’re with, who you want to meet and what kind-of night you’re going for; The Garden may just be it.

Realizing how hard it is to get a good picture with so many twinkle lights and neon signs…ruuuude,


The Garden ↔ 7000 Hollywood Blvd., LA, CA 90028 ↔ 323-856-1970


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