Trois Familia.

A2 Rating Scale (out of 5):

Ambiance: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Food & Drink: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Service: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white
Likeliness to Return: fork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-whitefork-knife-blk-white



WHAT:  Trois Familia – the third restaurant in the “trois” family which appropriately means ‘three’. A French & Mexican brunch spot— our favorite meal of the day + two of our favorite cuisines all mixed into one? You better believe we rushed there as fast as we could.

WHERE:  A janky strip mall in Silverlake in the former Alegria space. What else would you expect from Ludo? We’re impressed there was a sign out front.

WHEN:  Brunch/Lunch – only open from 10AM-3PM.  A little birdie told us that if you get your name on the holy list before 3PM,you will definitely be seated & served.


WHAT TO ORDER (FOOD):  ummm EVERYTHING. And we did. Let us take you through our meal: Crispy hashbrown chilaquiles, sunny side up eggs, cotija, salsa macho ($9.75). This was first up and let us tell you, we acted like we didn’t have 5 other dishes coming; that’s how fast we devoured it. The Chicken milanesa, raw and pickled cucumbers, maggi ranch ($11.95) was up next and much to our surprise, it was JUST AS GOOD as the no longer existant chilaquiles (RIP).  Like how is this soaked in sauce but still crispy? No idea how it works, but so happy Ludo found a way (not that we’re surprised he did).  Now lets talk about the double decker potato tacos ($12.50 for 2) for a second — with lime, creme fraiche, carrot, pico de gallo, jack. These were MELT IN YOUR MOUTH heavenly — like buttery mashed potatoes in a crunchy taco shell and then a soft warm tortilla.  Did the “trios” boys frequently feast on Taco Bell late night in High School too, because if so, we’ve been perfect for eachother since forever (the Double Decker Taco gets a HUGE makeover).  Ludo, if you’re reading this (a girl can dream, right?), SEND SOME OVER! Lastly, DESSERT – duh! The crepe ($5) with your choice of filling – we got nutella and salted caramel – was the most perfect way to end the meal. I’ve (Alie) been raised on my grandma’s crepes so I’m a very harsh critic and let me just say, Ludo knows what he’s doing.

WHAT TO ORDER (DRINKS): The Iced Latte ($5) – I mean we legitimately inhaled these within 2 minutes — and then had to ask how they made them so we could attempt to recreate — and then had to complement the barista. Just order it and thank us.

WHAT TO SKIP: If you’re going to pass on anything — hey our stomach’s can only hold so much — pass on the Galette Crepe ($15) with egg, ham, comte and avocado milk. It was still delish just not as ASSSSSS delish as EVERYTHING ELSE.

WHAT TO KNOW:  Umm NO REZZIES and in classic Ludo fashion, YOU WAIT. Granted it’s only about 2 weeks old but we got there at 9:55AM (the restaurant opens at 10AM) and we waited 2 hours. These girls got their nails done next door — that’s how long we waited. But let us say, WORTH IT. We’re gonna let you in on the strategy we picked up: get there at 9:15AM/9:30AM, sign your name on the old school clip board sign up sheet hanging from the door, walk down the street to Alfred’s or Intelligentsia for a coffee or around the block to get a head start on burning the calories you’ll be consuming, and come back right at 10AM. Also, make friends with Chase the GM. He’s what’s up and has your fate in his hands.

WHERE TO SIT:  Anywhere they can squeeze you in. Seriously, beggars can’t be chooers. And when it comes to Trois Familia and 2 hours of waiting, you are definitely a beggar.

WHO TO BRING:  Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Best Friend/Family Member — just no more than 1 or 2 other people to keep that wait time to a minimum.

WHAT TO WEAR:  It’s Silverlake and it’s brunch and if you take our advice it’s like 9:15AM and you’re probably hungover. So anything you can throw on to get there in time — oh and drawstring/elastic band pants are probably a smart choice (lesson learned).

WHAT’S THE VIBE: As with all of his restaurants, the vibe is casual, but on point. Good people coming together for good food.  If your’e willing to wait that long you’ve got mad respect for the food served, so the communal tables add to the fun (we’ve found our people — we even made friends with a lovely couple sitting next to us). Oh and who does your playlists Ludo b/c we would like them to DJ our next party?

WHO YOU’LL SEE:  One can only hope you’ll see the man himself.

EDDR LIFE LESSON: Vive la France!

A2 FINAL THOUGHT:  Clearly the man (+ Jon & Vinny) can do no wrong.

Hey Chase, be our friend and hook some sisters up,


Trois Familia ↔ 3510 Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90026 ↔ 323-725-7800


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