VC Polo Classic ’15

A2‘s final rating:   MARK YOUR CALENDAR √

East coast meets West Coast once a year in the Palisades, ALL in the name of one glorious beverage – CHAMPAGNE.  And let us just tell you before we get into details, set a reminder/mark your calendar/do whatever it takes ASAP, because trust us, this is one party you don’t want to be left out of…

First and foremost, this day is ALL about fashion.  Swap the black and leather for floral and flowy.  Wear that big hat and the largest sunnies you own.  Just be sure to wear either wedges or flats (as long as you have a long dress, of course).  Are we really telling you to start planning next year’s outfit already? Yea, we kinda are.

The day is nothing but Veuve  Two options:  $23/glass or $100/bottle (Rosé a little higher).  But don’t be silly – opt for the bottle – it’s called efficiency and you don’t want to spend all day standing at the bar.  And based on observation, you’re not a man unless you’re holding at least two bottles at a time (hi what do you think you have 2 hands for).  It’s not that were anti-feminism here at EDDR, but we’re fine taking a backseat and letting the men fill up our empty glasses all day.  I mean a bottle of champs is heavy and you wouldn’t want us girls getting tired, right?  Special thanks to all our champagne P.I.M.P.’s throughout the day! We’re happy to report our champagne flutes were never empty!


What to Eat / Where to Sit: There are both tables and lawn seating (if you plan to sit- bring a blanket) and you can either pack your own picnic (PYOP) or enjoy one of the many food trucks on-site.  This is a day of indulgence; go all out.

Act Like A Polo Profesh: When the crowd starts chanting “Nacho! Nacho! Nacho!” they are referring to Ignacio Figueras (not to be confused with the crispy cheese deliciousness – although you can find that at one of the food trucks I’m sure).  Ignacio (Nacho) is only the most popular and attractive polo player ever! Oh and if that’s not sparking your memory — he also just happens to be that hot Ralph Lauren model you see every time you open a magazine.

Who You’ll Spot: This event is always star-studded – this year brought out (to name a few):  Lauren Conrad, Jaime King, Nina Dobrev, James Marsden, Scott Foley, January Jones, Oliver Hudson, Camille Belle, Rachel Zoe, Brittney Snow,  Cheyenne Jackson, Victoria Justice, Alexandra Reeves & Alie Rivier (let us dream for a sec), Ashley Madekwe, Lindsay Price & Curtis Stone (hottie celeb chef alert!). You’ll also likely run into everyone you know whether you do or don’t want to see them; so good-luck to you.

How To Get There: The event is held at Will Rogers State Park but no matter who you are, you can only access the park via shuttle. All car/uber/lyft/jet drop offs are at Paul Revere School 10 min away and the shuttles will pick you up/drop you off there.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, as they keep many shuttles looping.

Post Party: The event runs from 11AM-5PM, but that doesn’t mean the party stops.  You’re going to need to burn off those champagne calories (the best kind, may we add) somehow, and what better way than to shake your ass (but watch yourself) at one of our favorite spots, that just happens to be close by, SHOREBAR. And what’s even better? They provide their own shuttles to pick you up from the school and drop you off — door to door service with no wait time? That’s what’s up.

WTF: Cell service at the event is coachella status – aka there is none! If you’re in a group, set a meet-up point otherwise good luck and call me once you’ve made new friends preferably with the polo players.

You drink champagne.  You cheer on hott polo players on ponies.  You judge people based on their outfits.  You take a million amazing pictures.  You drink more bubbles.  You make new friends (only if they’re well dressed and giving you free champagne). And you’re in bed by 11PM. Sounds like the best day —  right?! You know we’ll be counting down the days until next year – and who knows, we might have to even see what the NYC VC Polo Classic is all about (held around May in Liberty State Park).

Either way, tickets sell out FAST (get on the pre-sale) so track them hard because missing out will give you serious FOMO.

But did we mention we’re really good at stomping divots,



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